Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing

JAPHN Outline


To contribute to the promotion of the health of the population and to the general welfare of society by further developing the academic field of public health nursing and by supporting and improving research, education, and practice therein.


Original Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing was established in 2012. The Academy was incorporated as the General Incorporated Association Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing in April 2015.


Approximately 2,100 (as of September 2019)


  1. Organizing academic conferences: The Annual Conference of Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing (held once a year)
  2. Publishing journals: The Japan Academy Journal of Public Health Nursing (published three times a year)
  3. Promoting research and activities of public health nursing
  4. Other activities necessary for achieving the objectives of the Academy.

COMMITTEES (AS OF 2019-2020)

  • Editorial Board
  • Academic Practice Development Committee
  • Education Committee
  • International Affairs Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Election Administration Committee
  • Disaster and Health Crisis Management Committee
  • Certification System Study Committee