Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing

Message from the President (2018)

President Kiyomi Asahara

The Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing (JAPHN), established in 2012 as a voluntary group, was incorporated in April 2015 as the General Incorporated Association Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing. The membership has grown from the original 300 to more than 1700. The academy is noteworthy for the diversity of its membership: more than half of the members are public health practitioners, including public health nurses, school health nurses, midwives and nurses.

Since the academy’s inception, in our work towards our goals we have achieved the following:

-development of formal definitions of public health and the public health nurse;
-publication of Public Health Nursing: A Grand Design (in anticipation of the framing of the 2035 Japan Health Care Vision) and the Systematic Overview of Public Health Nursing Science;
-publication of our journal three times a year in both paper and electronic formats;
-awarding of prizes for education and practice and for research; ethics evaluation of research, hosting of seminars;
-dissemination of information related to the latest research and international public health activities; and
-staging of the academy’s annual academic meeting, which attracts more than 1,000 attendees.

In the present term (fiscal years 2018-2019), we will continue our sound and reliable management of the academy and will host activities that are attractive to both current and prospective members. In addition, we will pursue further development of a system of certification of public health nursing practice.

The academy is committed to the advancement of public health nursing through collaboration with other public health nursing organizations, with an emphasis on building the academic foundation of the field and supporting academic endeavors in the field.

Public health nursing has a broader scope than just community health, industrial health, and school health; it has a role anywhere people live and work. We invite not only public health nurses working in nursing practice, education, and research but also anyone with an interest in public health nursing to join us in this collaborative effort to optimize the quality of human life and create an optimally healthy society.

As the president of the academy, I pledge to continue to strive for the further advancement of the organization. I look forward to working with all members in the coming months.

June 2018
Kiyomi Asahara
General Incorporated Association Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing

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